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TIBB XCEL syrup and tablets are a safe and effective herbal alternative for individuals seeking to improve their cognitive function, specifically memory, concentration and attention. These products are non-addictive and made from natural ingredients, making them a great option for those who want to support their brain health in a holistic way. Unlike other options, TIBB XCEL does not have any potential side-effects or addiction.

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Xcel 60 Tablets


60 Tablets

Xcel tablets are formulated with a range of herbal ingredients trusted for their cognitive support properties. Xcel can help with concentration, memory and a boost in mental vitality and sharpness.

Xcel Kids 100ml & 200ml Syrup

Xcel Kids

Kids Syrup

Xcel syrup has been specifically formulated to help kids with concentration, memory and mental vitality, when they need to give their mental best at school or while doing homework.

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